ICODE.ORG is a global social impact platform working to ensure that every k-12 student in every country around the world will learn coding, just like math, reading and writing. Our vision is that every student with access to a computer or a mobiles device will be able to learn coding for free regardless of the student’s location or other social limitations. The Icode platform is designed as highly intuitive self-paced learning space. The gamified environment encourages students to use the Code-Test-Debug-Run process within a Python or Scratch environment, win points, win challenges, and eventually participate in local and global championship with millions of students from around the world. Icode was initially launched in Israel with 200,000 students in partnership with the Israeli ministry of education and grew into more than 70 countries. Our goal is to reach 200 Million students by 2030.


Blocky : This is designed for Early Coding Learners aged 5+ . Based on Block Coding , students start with simple blocks solving basic two block problems . As they solve the Problem, they help their Virtual Avatar- ICoder , walk through different maze layouts.

Learning here is adaptive and scaffolded to ensure gradual progression. As the student moves to higher level of missions , more complex steps involving Loops, Conditions and Numerical calculations are introduced.


Python: Designed for students who have mastered Block Coding concepts, this Module makes learning Python as easy as playing a game.

Students start simple one line Python Code which helps ICoder move in space. Students gradually move to more complex codes as they reach higher stages of the Game.

  • Assessment & Certification : We have designed graded adaptive assessments to offer Individuals and Schools test their competency levels in Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence. These are available online and are self-paced.
  • Icode Competitions: Icode organizes the International Coding Competition every year. The first level is a local competition where the students get ready to meet the best youth coders in their region. The second stage is the National Icode Coding Championship, organized by each partner country and open to the best coders from the country. The winners are later welcomed into the International Icode Coding Championship where a total of 500 selected finalists from over 70 countries participate in the most prestige youth coding event in the world, hosted each year by a different country.
  • Teacher Enablement : To further our mission of skilling 200 million children globally with Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence, we help Governments and K-12 Schools with Teacher Training programs, enabling them to create a work force of high quality teachers for training young children.