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International Junior Coding Compettion
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About ICode Competitions

When is the next ICode Competition? While we currently have national competitions taking place in countries around the world, our next International Coding Competition will take place in the summer of 2020. It’s never too early to register and make sure you get all the details once the competition begins!

Who Can Participate? The competition will be open to students, schools and education programs from all around the world – the more the merrier! In an effort to make the platform as accessible as possible, the 2020 competition challenges will be available in multiple languages.

What Happens During ICode Competitions? Students will participate in a series of coding challenges that will be available on our unique coding platform.  Students gain points for successful completion of each challenge. Both international and national winner certificates will be awarded to participants from around the globe.

How Can I Sign Up? It’s simple! Students can sign up individually, while educators, school administrator, or program directors can register groups of students by submitting their details in our contact form.

Our Coding Platform

Coding Is the Future

Who Are We? ICode is a global nonprofit program that aims to bring together children from around the world for the most wide-scale, interactive and challenging coding competitions the world has seen to date. Our organization is following in the footsteps of the extremely successful pilot program in Israel in 2016, wherein 70,000 kids participated in an online coding competition and the top 300 students were invited to participate in the offline championship. It is our goal to pick up where this competition left off, and establish the first ever International Junior Coding Competition.

Become a Partner

We are currently seeking to partner with thought leaders in the world of computer science education, particularly those with a passion for integrating coding into early childhood education. Our goal is to work together with educators that believe that computer science education and coding are critical for the future of both the success of each individual child and as well as global human development. From academia to non-profits to education companies, we believe our partners should represent a diverse range of sectors and areas of expertise.