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First International Junior Coding Olympics Extended Through End of June, the non-profit behind the world’s first International Junior Coding Olympics, has decided to extend this year’s competition through the end of June 2019. The decision to extend the program for an additional month comes after the organization received numerous requests from schools and academic organizations around the world to allow more time for additional students to join in and participate. Despite the fact that the organization launched just a few months ago, ICode already has thousands of students from over 22 countries around the world participating in the 2019 Junior Coding Olympics. The ICode team is planning to grow significantly in the coming months and has already set impressive goals for the 2020 International Junior Coding Olympics, where they aim to reach millions of students from over 100 countries.

Despite the expansion of coding education opportunities over the last few years, many educators still see coding skills as a luxury rather than a requirement. “This is not about turning all kids into professional coders,” says ICode CEO, Lerone Lessner. “By the time current elementary school students reach adulthood, digital literacy and basic coding skills will be critical to their ability to thrive in ANY profession. That’s why we’re committed to making basic coding education free and accessible to anyone who wants it.”

With this extra month tacked on to the 2019 competition, ICode is encouraging students around the world to join in. There are no requirements for participation and the platform is currently available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Students can simply fill out the sign-up form on ICode’s website to get started.

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