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World’s largest K12
Coding Competition

Over 2 million students aged 6-16 years, from 70+ countries participated in the ICode Global Hackathon 2022 for the coveted prize of Global Coding Champions in Block Coding & Python.

Why ICode Hackathon

ICode is a global organization which enables K12 students to benchmark their coding skills with their peers globally.

Live & Interactive

Each level of ICode Global Hacakthon is a live 60 minute competetion which is interactive and fun

Global Standards

The ICode Global Hackathon is mapped to CSTA* & Google CS First* Coding Education standards.

Global Cohort

Over 2.15 million students from 73 nationalities participate in ICode Global Hackathon annually, allowing students to benchmark their skills with peers in their respective age groups.

Why ICode?

There are multiple assessments, benchmarking and certification platforms for professionals learning to code. However, for K12 Coding education, there was a void for a global organization that could assess, benchmark, and certify the learning outcome and skills for students aged 5-17. The ICode Global Hackathon fills that void with a platform for children where they can benchmark their algorithmic abilities, computational thinking, logical reasoning, design thinking and problem-solving skills with over 2.15 million students from 73 nationalities.

Competition Modules

ICode has 4 modules to cater to learning levels of ages 5-17 years. Our learning standards are sourced from open-source learning platforms like Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Python and CTSA. All the modules are interactive, and gamified, and are based on Code-Test-Debug-Run.

Helping children
discover their abilities and benchmark their coding skills on the Global level.

ICode works with Schools, Learning Centres , education systems and parents across 73+ nationalities to help their students benchmark their coding skills globally with a live, interactive and fun coding platform.


Million + Students



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